Rules and By-Laws

Article of Incorporation
          To foster the spirit of friendship and better understanding among Porsche owners in the Philippines; to unite and to promote cooperation among the members and to provide a forum and meeting place for Porsche owners who have a common dedication and commitment to the Porsche marque; to seek formal recognition of the Club with Porsche AG in Germany; to establish and maintain links with other Porsche Clubs in Asia and the rest of the world; to assist its members in the repair and maintenance of their cars and to keep a registry of Porsches in the country.
Date of Incorporation:   17th August 1992

Guidelines for Sunday Drives

Porsche Club Philippines pionered the Sunday Drive in the country as early as 1991.

By the grace of God, not a single accident has happened in our drives all these years.

So... in God we trust... and the rest are "driver skill" and "Porsche engineering".

To uphold our safe driving tradition, the following guidelines should be observed:

1.   Buddy system
              We will drive in two's on a "buddy system"

2.   The "grid"
              New and fast cars in front
              Intervals of 30 second per pair
              Choose your buddy

3.   Traffic rules
              Observe all traffic rules and use sound judgement; for example, no "shoulder" overtaking as a rule                     unless absolutely necessary for safety measures

4.   Headlights on
               For better visibility by other motorist and by Porsche Club drivers drive with headlights on.

5.   Overtaking rule
               Overtake another car at no more than 130 per cent of that car's speed.