Porsche 930 Turbo

June 23rd, 2009

When I first decided to bring a Porsche into the Philippines I did not have any particular model in mind except that it had to be a 911!
During my holiday in the UK at the end of 2007, I found a 1983 Porsche 930 Turbo for sale on the internet. Having owned two of these cars previously, I knew that they could be a “money pit” when things went wrong. So with this in mind I went to view the car. It turned out to be in a bit of a sorry state, but as the asking price was reasonable, I decided to buy it and take it on as a project. It turned out that the car had spent the first 10 years of its life in Qatar where it had allegedly been owned by a member of the Royal Family. Thereafter, it had been in the UK and only used for one month every year for the next 13 years when the owner came from abroad for holidays.
An examination of the car showed that it had not been well looked after and substantial work was required. Luckily, due to the time spent in the Middle East and in storage the body was corrosion free.
A five months period before shipping allowed most of the heavy mechanical work to be completed. This included a top end overhaul with all new 993 type head bolts, a new exhaust system and turbo, and substantial renewal work on the suspension and brakes.
Due to the time spent in the hot dry climate of Qatar, the leather interior was soiled and split, and the dash top distorted requiring total renewal.
When new, the car’s interior was a special order made in the national colours of Qatar, maroon and white. Having decided to keep this as original as possible, a complete interior was ordered from Porsche trim specialists Southbound in the UK.
The paintwork was also in poor shape so it was decided to hold off on this job until the car arrived in Manila where arrangements were made to undertake a complete re-spray. This included replacement of all rubber and seals.
The car arrived in Subic from UK at the beginning of June 2008, and I finally took delivery of it at the end of August! The interim period was taken up with “formalities”, all of which I could write a book about- but not here!
After the paint job, I was able to give the car it’s first outing at the November 2008 Porsche Club meeting, that was 11 months since I had purchased it.
Since then other small problems have occurred, those being some minor electrical defects, loss of turbo boost and a broken torsion bar. Luckily we have enough good technical advice here allowing problems such as this to be fixed. The joys of owning an old car!
Would I go through this again? Probably not. I did enjoy organizing all of the work and spares but definitely NOT the importation process. I have to keep the car for another 2 years at least - after that who knows! I still am attracted to the older 911’s, but having said that, I really do like the 993 - I’m a ‘dyed in the wool’ air-cooled man!

June 2009