A Grand Day Out, 1 September 2010

September 2nd, 2010

As it was a while since their cars were 'properly excercised', the 4567 boys decided to organise a day trip, to rid the cobwebs that  the weekly trips to the Burgos Circle for breakfast get togethers didn't allow.
A trip to Batangas was decided upon as the right thing to do.
Meeting at 7am on 01 September 2010 at the Petron station on the SLEX, Tony, Noy, Jan and Mike headed off to San Pedro where an invite had been offered by Mark to do a 'dry run' at his Pit Stop cafe, due to open on 12 September.
Upon arrival the group were welcomed by Mark, his wife Virginia and the staff, and presented with plates full of traditional breakfast fare. Aptly named "The Full Throttle"!. The quality and selection was of gourmet quality, putting our regular Sunday breakfast places to shame.
It was unanimously agreed by all that it was certainly more than fit to serve to PCP members!. Hence they gave their combined seals of approval!
Mark has put a lot of time and effort into the decoration of his cafe with a motorsport theme featuring widely, together with audio and video facilities. Natually the Porsche marque is prominent!
With time moving on Mark joined the 'boys' for the run to Tagaytay. Gabby was awaiting  the arrival and joined the group for the drive to Batangas, whilst Jan returned to Manila.
Leaving Tagaytay towards Lian/Nasugbu the roads opened out and very good progress was made- although Gabby decided on a more sedate pace!.
The group had previously decided that the lunch break would be taken at the Punta Baluarte resort, however, upon arrival in the area it was found that the place had long since shut down - so much for planning! .However, a backup plan to use the Calatagan Golf Club was thwarted by the gate guard - "members only". After retreating to the nearest town and finding nothing to stay there for, the 'boys' made another attempt to enter the club, this time the guard relented. It became apparant by the surface of the drive that the guard should let anyone pass that was prepared to spend some money. Luckily the cars did'nt incur any damage on the potholes!

Arriving at the clubhouse the cars were all parked under cover in the deserted area, and the group checked out the beautiful restaurant over looking the pristine course. Lunch was more of a merienda sort of affair as the effects of the "Full Throttle" breakfast meant that few were really hungry.
Prior to departure, the manager introduced himself and after finding out who the group were, invited any PCP member along to play the course any time. A nice gesture. Both he and his staff assisted in a photo shoot before the cars were waved away by all the staff.
Gabby had kindly offered to supply the afternoon refreshments at his Tagaytay garden pavilion, so the convoy took off back. Again  clear roads for the most part making for good driving conditions, although a few light showers slowed progress slightly.
After an hour or so cooling off and chatting about motoring things (obviously!), leaving Gabby to tend his picturesque garden, the 'boys' set off back down the traffic clogged hill back to the highway and home.
Once again everyone present enjoyed the run, good food, good company and good cars!. Distance covered around 300 km.
More "wet season" drives are planned before the next big trip down South in November.
All in all a Grand Day Out!