Track Day at Clark International Raceway, 6 March 2011

March 6th, 2011

Although the recent rains may have put some drivers off, 7 PCP members turned out for the first Track Day held by the Club at the new Clark International Raceway.
After driving in convoy from the meeting point on NLEX, the group reached the track around 8.30 am.
Soon after arrival a safety briefing was given and the appropriate waiver forms signed,- time to go!

Unfortunately, William, who was to be the instructor for the day, had to drop out at the last minute due to other commitments. However, he was able to ask two of his racing pals to fill in. The group welcomed both Miguel Ramirez and Juni Binamira and with their experience a programme was worked out for the morning.
The plan was initially to have all drivers complete laps behind Juni whilst Miguel rode in one of the group cars. Juni, in the lead, signaled braking, turn in and exit points for all the turns. Gradually the pace was increased and after 6 laps or so the group pulled off to be briefed on points that should be taken into acount before going 'solo'. Noy had produced some maps of the circuit so each driver had a reference.

As the morning progressed, some drivers took advantage of the experienced one- on- one instruction, and lap times started to come down as confidence increased.
The morning progressed smoothly, only a minor spin out with Ferdy coming out unscathed! Most of the second session was 'solo' for drivers to put into practice the pointers they had been given by the instructors earlier.

As noon approached the lunch break brought the session to a close.
It was generally agreed that the Clark circuit is a fine replacement for Subic. The surface is smooth with a wide variety of corners and turns which require more skill than a morning's drive, to master! 
The 'Trackdayers'

Tonny     964 C2
Toto        Boxter
Gabby    968
Noy         Early 911
Ferdy      911 Targa
Mario      996 Turbo S
Mike        930 Turbo
Photos by Tony Alunan