Track Day at Clark International Raceway, 1 May 2011

May 2nd, 2011

The second PCP Track Day at Clark International Raceway took place under clear skies and in very hot conditions.
Arriving at the circuit, the 7 participants went through the formalities of waiver and safety briefings and then listened intently to the format for the morning, introduced by William Tan.

For most of the drivers this was to be their first experience of running on a circuit, so that being the case, William acted as 'taxi driver' taking the groups for exploratory laps in his Evo, whilst pointing out braking and turn in points. After which cones were set out as a reminder to participants. Following this, drivers used their own cars to circulate at a cautious pace gradually building up confidence.

William was able to assist by giving one-on-one instructions, the results which were evident by the increasing lap speeds the group was achieving.
As the morning progressed, a few drivers managed to become ‘unstuck’ from the tarmac and experienced the spinning 'capabilities' of their Porsches! Luckily, with no expensive outcome!

Charlie, having brought along his Panamera, was having great fun enjoying the massive braking power of the car, out-braking some of the other drivers into the bends! Handing over the keys to William to see how the large car would really perform, William found that the car’s sophisticated electronics would not allow him to explore the car’s (or his own!) full potential through the corners.
By the end of the session, the track day 'rookies' were unanimous that it was a morning thoroughly well spent, and they were able to take away a little more knowledge of what both they and their cars can achieve in safe surroundings.

Many thanks to William Tan for his time and expertise, and to his friend Fernan Lao of Speedlab for helping to organise the venue.
Jay       993C2
Peter    997GTRS
Mark     996
Joe       993C4S
Joric     993
Charlie  Panamera
Mike      930 Turbo
William, the instructor
Mitsubishi Evo.

Photos by Charlie