Track Day at BRC, 29 August 2011

September 12th, 2011

With the passing of the rain associated with Typhoon Mina, the weather outlook for the day was not that promising. However, at 7.45 am the participants headed down the SLEX and STAR highways for the 1 hour drive to the Batangas Race Circuit (BRC).

Upon arrival the track was open and ready for use. After the necessary paper work had been completed, William Tan gave a safety briefing and explained the best way to conduct the day.
As some of the drivers were new to this circuit, William first took them in turn around the track in his Evo \'taxi\', pointing out braking and turn in points, gradually picking up the pace. After which drivers were able to have William give one-on-one instruction in their own cars.
By now the weather had changed for the better and the temperature increased as the sun shone through.

Noy Yao had brought along both his '65' and '73' 911s, the earlier car being driven by TJ Benitez, a newcomer to PCP track days. Noy was exploring the handling difference of his car, now fitted with the original 15" wheels, against the previous 16" set.

Since the last PCP track day at Clark, Mark Taylor had invested in huge eight pot callipers for his 996, which proved throughout the day that he was the best of the late brakers into the corners !
It became clear that one particular corner- 'R' bend- was giving drivers a few problems, mostly due to the unusual approach and turn in. However, William was on hand to give further guidance and tuition, and by the end of the day drivers were confident that they had \'nailed\' it correctly.
Approaching at speed, the turn onto the main straight was also quite challenging as getting it right resulted in a few extra km/h before the braking point. By the end of the session speeds of 170-180 km/h were being achieved.

By  noontime a break was called for lunch, with food and drink being gratefully provided by Mark\'s wife and \'crew\'
The afternoon session continued until around 3 pm, soon after which the rain came down!

All the participants had a great time. Although the circuit is not quite as long as Clark it presents different challenges. Being only an hour or so from Manila on the highway it is equally as accessible as Clark. Furthermore, at P2000 per car all day, it is good value.
The 'Trackdayers' :
William Tan     Mitsubishi Evo
Noy Yao          1973 911
TJ Benitez       1965 911
Mark Taylor     1999 996    
Mike Bradley    1983 930