E10 Fuel and Porsches

January 21st, 2012

With E10 Ethanol based fuel now available in the Philippines, the article below, copied from  the January 2012 edition of the PCGB magazine 'Porsche Post', will be of interest to owners of older Porsches models.

"This is the latest announcement from Porsche on the subject. Porsche is basically saying NO to  E10 in any Porsche before the 996 and Boxter. The recommendation is to put E5 Super instead.

E10 is a fuel which contains a higher proportion of ethanol than previous petrol formulations. The E stands ethanol; the number 10 indicates that the fuel contains up to 10% ethanol. Previously the proportion of ethanol in petrol was 5%. E10 fuels are suitable for refuelling, and thus running, all Porsche vehicles as of year of construction 1996-specifically the Boxter (model year 1997) and Carrera (model year 1998) models onward. These new fuels, which can include up to 10% ethanol in the future in accordance with new statutory regulations, can be used in all new Porsche vehicles without any problems.

The fuel types Regular E10(91RON) and Unleaded E10(95RON) are NOT suitable for use in the following Porsche vehicle types: 

356 1950-65

911 1965-89

912 1965-69, 1976

964 1989-94

993 1994-98

959 1988-89

914 1970-77

924 1976-88

944 1981-91

968 1991-95

928 1977-95 

As an alternative, super unleaded (98RON) can be used. With a maximum bioethanol content of 5% (E5 fuel), super unleaded is compatible with these vehicles".