996 starter problems

February 1st, 2012

Porsche Starter Motors : Have you got an intermittent starter problem , like its will start when cold but when hot will not start without turning the key on and off a number of times and seams like battery dead and then it will suddenly start briskly ? , diagnostics shows nothing and no one  has any ideas what is problem ?? , even the Web forums don't have a good answer ? , I found out by accident what the problem is .'


When I got my 996 it had these symptoms so I got replacement recon unit from UK and had it fitted , all good for a year then same symptoms again !!! , so instead of order again I sent the original unit to local starter motor / alternator service , they opened it cleaned it and gave it back in 15 minutes saying fixed ?? I asked what was wrong they said nothing just very dirty inside , cost 350 peso , I put it back in the car and hey presto starts first time every time hot or cold .


The starter is located on top of the gearbox behind the throttle body ( you will never find it by looking ) , throttle body needs be removed to get access to it , but the location is dusty and very hot so I think this is why the unit gets clogged up with dust and dirt ,old 993 the starter is under the gearbox open to fresh air .


Ron or Boloy, our resident Porsche 993/996 and Cayenne experts, can change this out easily in a few hours , so don't rush out to buy a starter try take it to the local guys have it opened and cleaned and you may find out this solves the problem if it doesn't buy a new one , but this may cure many of the starter issues .


Mark Taylor