Trackday at Clark International Raceway on 18 march 2012

March 25th, 2012

With a fine weather day in prospect, the group met on the NLEX for an early breakfast before arriving at the Clark International Raceway around 9 am.
Formalities complete, the group divided into two sections for a number of 'sighting'  laps in the instructor’s cars of William Tan and Juni Binamira. This was especially beneficial to members who had not previously had any experience on this race circuit, and for those who had, some time to re-acquaint themselves with the layout.

Afterwards, the  participant drivers took advantage of the one-on-one instruction in their own cars to put into practice, on the track, the pointers gained during the 'sighting' laps.
Gradually through the morning, it was clear that lap times were improving. In fact, Mark was finding that his new 996 brake set up was allowing him to become the last of the late ‘brakers’  at the bends, putting in some very good times. However, Noy's Early 911, driven by Carlos, managed to better Mark's time by 3 seconds, much to Mark's dismay.

New to PCP Track days was Kenneth Ching who put in some fast laps in his brand new Cayman S.
TJ found that his Porsche had a problem before starting out from home, so not wanting to miss out on the day, brought his ' hot ' early BMW to enjoy the fun!
Also Mike, unable to bring along his 930 Turbo this time, gratefully accepted the offer of some hot laps driving Marks 996, finding the newer model required quite a different driving technique to the Classic Turbo.

Throughout the session Noy and Carlos worked on the front setup of Noy's Early 911, the results being tested directly on the track until the balance and turn in worked perfectly. 

By midday everyone was feeling the need for lunch!. Very many thanks went to Mark’s wife and family, together with the 'Pitstop Cafe' crew, who provided a welcome spread with drinks for the hungry drivers. 

Those that attended the Track Day enjoyed the experience of ’exercising’ their cars in a safe and responsible manner in the controlled environment of a good circuit.  

It is hoped that the next track day will be held at BRC and that more PCP members will feel able to take advantage of the safe environment, the good instruction and club camaraderie, to come along and enjoy the experience at their own pace.  

Many thanks to the instructors, William and Juni for giving up their time.