Porsche 356A

April 5th, 2012

I purchased the Porsche 356A (1959 model) in 1982 after it was advertised in the Melbourne Age.  It had been badly neglected and was stored outside in a suburban back yard deteriorating and was not in running condition.  The advantage of getting a car in this condition is that it was in original condition so that you could see exactly what you are dealing with. 

Because it was hard to see the amount of rust in the car, our first step was to totally dismantle the car and then get the whole car dipped in a caustic bath to remove all the paint.  This clearly showed significant rust which had to be cut out and replaced. Some of the replacement panels could be purchased from Stoddards in the USA but some panels like the door skins and the front and rear bumpers were rolled and made locally in Melbourne. 

The wiring loom of the car needed to be cut in half to get out of the car and was sent to a local auto electrician who painstakingly replicated the  loom and used the old one to make a template for future reference.

 The whole restoration took several years depending on time and availability of funding and was finally completed in about 2006.

 In November 2007, it won “Car of the Show” at the 22nd annual Australian Porsche Register Parade.

 The car is an absolute pleasure to drive and handles extremely well and gets an outing most weekends.