PCP Visaya's Run, 29 January to 2 February

February 9th, 2014

Apart from monthly day trips out of town, the last long distance run by club members was in November 2011, when the trip up to the Northern tip of Luzon was undertaken. On that trip weather played a large part in the adventure. It was again to be a factor during the trip to the Visayas.
29th January
Although the ferry from Batangas to Caticalan was scheduled to leave port at 9 pm, the ferry operator required check in 6 hours earlier! So the group met at Petron SLEX at 1 pm. The group comprised:  Noy Yao, driving his newly restored 1967 912 soft window Targa,  Jun Tan with a 1997  993Turbo,  Mike Bradley with a 1997 993S and Luciano Zanirato with a 2005 Cayenne. This trip being the ‘shakedown' for the 912.

On the run along the Star Highway the 912 began to overheat, and it was found that the carb rain shield had been fitted upside down blocking airflow to the fan. With this removed the trip continued  to the port . Upon arrival the group were advised of a 2 hour departure delay.

Loading of 993s, caused a problem because of the low ground clearance, but with the cars on board the group settled in for dinner with excellent Italian wine provided by PCP wine expert Luciano and gourmet cheese and salami by Noy! After which everyone retired to their sleeper cabin for a good night’s rest. 

30th January 
After an 8 am arrival at Caticalan, a further one hour delay before unloading was caused by having to wait in turn for the single dock that was available. 

The plan for the day was to meet up with the Porsche Club guys from Iloilo for lunch in Roxas City, then drive together to Iloilo City. With this in mind the group headed off for Kalibo for morning merienda then onward to Roxas.  Although many of the road surfaces were very good, there were small areas which were either still under repair or needed work doing. It was in one of these areas Noy in the 912 ran over a large lump which dislodged one of his headlamps and shattered the lens as it fell from the car. Luckily he was able to retrieve the remains of the unit. 

The late arrival of the group in Roxas meant that the waiting Iloilo guys had long finished lunch. So a hasty merienda was taken, and after a photo shoot 8 Porsches and a BMW headed off in convoy for Iloilo. Rapid progress was made to enable the convoy to make the city before nightfall as Noy was running with only one headlight!

Upon arrival an excellent meal was hosted for the Manila contingent by the local Porsche Club guys at the Ponsyon restaurant with wine again provided by  wine Luciano. After which it was on to the night-stop hotel kindly provided by Eugene Tiu. 

31st January
Plan for the day was to get the cars washed and then to get Noy’s headlight fixed before heading back to Caticalan via Antique to a night-stop in Boracay.

A stop off mid-morning at 'General' Denis restaurant for coffee and extremely tasty cake, allowed time for his mechanic to fix the 912. With this done, it was on to Tatoy’s seafood restaurant for a superb lunch courtesy of the Iloilo Porsche Club. To complete the run to Caticalan a 2.pm. departure was made together with a local Porsche Club 'escort' to the halfway point. This part of the journey was absolutely 911 territory! The road was a joy to drive with long straights, demanding bends and fast sweepers on a good surface; km after km of clear roads! 

Some way along this part of the route Noy's 912 began to overheat again. This time, it was diagnosed as oil shortage as there was no sign of any on the dipstick. Fortunately there was no damage and Jun went back to the nearest gas station for a supply. With this delay it was going to be hard for the group to reach the overnight destination before dark. So the Iloilo Guys said their 'goodbyes and good luck' and headed back whilst the Manila group put as many km as possible on the odometer before darkness. Arriving at Caticalan at 6.30 pm there was bad news. Due to the arrival of a tropical storm, the port had closed and bancas to Boracay were cancelled. 

It was decided to park the cars and find a hotel quickly as there were 1000s of people stuck in the port area and would be looking for rooms.Tour guide Noy managed to get accommodation in the Airport Hotel together with secure parking. Dinner was looking to be a problem until the hungry group came across EMDUKES restaurant and hotel opposite the airport terminal. Duke, an ex RCMP police officer from Vancouver, and his wife, have a nice family run business and all the group were made very welcome. Settled in for the evening, the Italian wine again flowed and the meal was very good. The group vowed to return at some point in the future. 

1st February 
This was to be the departure morning back to Manila. The rain was coming down and the ferry was cancelled and had not left Batangas because of the closure of Caticalan port. Around lunchtime the port re-opened, and some discussion took place about going over to Boracay. But because of the chaos at the port with the weekend 'changeover' it was decided to stay put. So as the weather improved during the afternoon Jun and Noy decided to take Jun's Turbo for a short drive. The rest stayed back for a siesta! 

Dinner was again spent at EMDUKES, continuing the theme of the previous evening! 

2nd February 
Early start to get to the ferry terminal by 6.30 am for the boat which arrived at 10 am.Loading was painfully slow and again, loading the 993's was difficult. Finally, the ferry departed at 1.45 pm in beautifully calm conditions. It was only after being underway it was discovered that there was a 1hour+ stop in Romblon. However the group didn't suffer too much as after lunch there was still a little wine left to enjoy!

Arrival in Batangas port was at midnight, with a further one hour unloading and then an hour or so back to Manila. 

Nothing always goes to plan, and so was it with this trip. However the small problems encountered were put into the shadows by the great driving roads, fabulous country scenery, a likeminded group of participants, and of course the Porsches. Some old, some not so old, and some younger. All performed well on the 800+ km drive, proving that you can drive a Porsche to other places other than to coffee on Sunday mornings! Why be owners and drivers of Porsches and miss the opportunity to use them in the way they were intended! 

All of the PCP Manila contingent would like to express their sincere thanks to all our Iloilo Porsche friends who looked after the group during the trip. Nothing was too much trouble for them. We hope that we can return the favour sometime in the future. 


Noy Yao/ shotgun+ Carlos Guerrero from Impact Magazine
Jun Tan

Luciano Zanirato/shotgun+ Arnold Parmalee
Mike Bradley