PCP run to Northern Luzon, 23-25 October 2014

November 21st, 2014

Originally the next trip for 2014 after the Visayas was planned to go to San Narsico  in Quezon Province. However, as was learned the week before departure, the roads were in  bad condition due to heavy rains, so it was decided to switch to a longer drive over 3 days up to the North. 

23 October 
Planning to leave in convoy from the starting point at Petron NLEX  on the morning of the 23rd October, the group gathered for an early Starbuck's breakfast whilst waiting for the  late arrival of one of the group who had been delayed. With an early departure essential to try to be at Dalton Pass before the convoys of heavy trucks, a swift drive along the NLEX, SCTEX and Tarlac Expressway was made. Exiting at Pura the drive continued to Munoz connecting up with the North Luzon Loop road and northwards through Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Isabela and Cagayan Provinces. 

Unforeseen, apart from truck traffic, were the number of road works taking place on the Dalton Pass and many parts of the North Loop. Progress was very slow with many stops at one-way only zones.

With time ebbing away, a swift lunch and fuel top up was made early afternoon, before attempting to drive as many kilometres as possible before dark. The final part of the first days 560’km motoring was eventually covered at night from Tuguegarao to  Aparri .

Upon arrival around 9.30pm, the group was welcomed at Allan Yap's family restaurant with a spread of local delicacies and plenty of cold beer, which was consumed with great pleasure, alfresco, by the side of the river.

Eventually, with time rolling on towards midnight, the cars were placed in overnight secure storage and the group was taken to the overnight hotel, kindly organised by Allan.  

24 October
The day's drive to the overnight stop at the Thunderbird at Poro Point was estimated to be about 8 hours. Before heading out to collect the cars, the main contingent was joined by Luciano and Arnold who had left Manila a day earlier.

After a late breakfast hosted by Allan's father at his shop, the group, now 6 cars, left to continue the run across the North Luzon coast to Pagudpud and then turning south towards Laoag. By the time the convoy had passed Vigan it was apparant that because of slow progress due to traffic and trikes in the many small towns, Poro Point would not be reached until after dark. 

Eventual arrival at The Thunderbird was at 9.45pm. It had been another long day and the group was glad to find the restaurant open and a late dinner was taken, washed down with Italian wine , kindly provided by Luciano. 

25 October
To reach Manila before evening, departure should be by 10am. After a good breakfast a photo call was made by the oceanside before heading  south. The final part of the route was to head towards Urdeneta and then join up with the Tarlac Expressway  North of Pura. Then onwards to SCTEX and NLEX. With light traffic a 'reasonable' pace was set although slowed slightly by heavy rain showers. 

A late lunch stop was made on the NLEX, after which members departed in their own time to Manila and beyond. 

In total, a distance of 1,445 km was covered in 3 days driving. There were no breakdowns and only a minor fan belt issue with one car. Unlike the trip to the south earlier, much more traffic and road works were encountered but on the open sections it was a pleasure to see how the varied types of Porsches performed.

It was also a pleasure to have both Allan Yap and Tony Bautista join the group for their first run 'out of town' with the PCP’s 'long distance drivers'.   

The cancelled trip to San Narsisco is rescheduled to go ahead at the end of November. Details will be posted soon. 

Drivers                                     Passengers

NoyNoy     964 (backdated)      Carlo
Tony A       964
Tony B       993
Mike          993 S
Allan          Cayman S
Luciano     Cayenne                    Arnold