Porsche run to Iloilo 27-30 October 2015

October 27th, 2015

Apart from the'overnight' trip to Quezon province earlier in the year, it had been 12 months or so since the last long distance drive away from Manila.

However,now that the rainy season had ended, and, having been invited by our Porsche friends to visit them in Iloilo, it was an opportunity to once again take our Porsche's on an extended road trip.



The plan was to meet at Petron on SLEX early on Tuesday morning, leaving enough time to be at the Batangas  Ro-Ro for the 2 a.m. departure for Caticalan.

Upon arriving at the port it was apparant that there was severe congestion caused by the typhoon of the previous week. Probably more than 500 trucks were waiting for ferries, and, consequently getting priority for boarding.

Unable to to board at the planned time, Noy-Noy was able to get the group onto the next departure an hour or so later.


During the trip to Calapan all managed a brief rest before disembarking. 


The late departure had caused a problem for the next leg of the drive. The port at Bululacao,- in Oriental Mindoro,- for the FastCat Ro-Ro to Caticalan was a 5hour drive, and after getting off the ferry at Calapan it was going to be difficult to make the connection in  time.Luckily contact was made with the port manger who agreed to hold the sailing until the group arrived- 20 minutes late!

The FastCat was a great improvement on the normal Ro-Ro, with comfortable, airconditioned, accomodation allowing some rest on the 3 hour trip. however upon arrival at Caticalan there was a 45minute delay in docking and unloading.After which the group was met by NoyNoy's brother in law, John, who had driven over from Iloilo in his 964 Targa .


The final leg of the days's trip was down the West coast of Antique Province following the coastal road until arriving, after dark, at a secluded dive camp where a feast of fresh seafood and cold beer was waiting.

Suitably refreshed it was on to the seaside hotel for a well needed sleep.



Without the requirement to meet ferry schedules, a leisurely start was made and the route onward to Iloilo was led by John at a reasonable pace on generally good roads.

Arriving at the new Seda hotel in the centre of Iloilo city the group was greeted by the manager who insisted that the  Porsche's park directly infront of the main entrance for all his other guests to see!

Lunch had kindly  been arranged  by John, who took the group out of town to an oyster farm by the river where a meal of fresh oysters and seafood was enjoyed.

In the evening the PCP group from Manila was joined by the Iloilo Porsche members for a joint dinner which lasted late into the evening.


Day 3

Such was the comfort of the hotel and the hospitality of our Iloilo friends it was decided to change the schedule for the journey back North. So  instead of spending the night in Boracay, the group opted to stay a further night in Iloilo.

This meant that Tony could have his 964 aircon fixed and the others could stock up on local delicacies to take home!

Again, both lunch and dinner enabled the two Porsche groups to enjoy each others company in convivial surroundings.


Day 4

To enable connection with the return FastCat schedules to be made, an early start was required. So at 9a.m. after the obligatory photo call the Manila PCP group, with John as guide, set off for Caticalan.

Arrival at the port found there was a delay on the trip back to Bululacao, which enabled lunch in the town before the FastCat departure.

Again, with such a tight schedule and the delayed arrival, the night drive from Bululacao to Calapan was somewhat tense. The road works and heavy lorry traffic made progress slower than was required to get on the planned ferry. However upon arrival the FastCat staff had set up a road block prior to the port and hurriedly checked the group onto the delayed vessel.

Back at Batangas a further delay to offloading was encountered which meant by the time the group were on the road to Manila it was well past 3.a.m.


Again all the cars proved that a Porsche is not just for driving to Sunday morning coffee!. There were some minor mechanical glitches which were easily overcome.

In all ,1150kms were driven, the weather was good, the company extremely enjoyable.

A big vote of thanks goes to our Ililo Porsche friends for making the Manila PCP so welcome.


Participants: NoyNoy & Ken               1967 912 Soft window Targa

                        Tony                            1993 964 Coupe

                         Jun   &  William          1995 993 Turbo

                         Mike & Carlos             1997 993S

                         Ding                            Subaru Forrester 

Photo by Tony Alunan and Carlos
Article by Mike Bradley