February 16th, 2017

After months of waiting and the departure date had arrived!

Feb 16th.

The Manila group bound for Iloilo assembled at Petron on SLEX at 9.15pm for coffee prior to leaving for Batangas Port via the STAR highway.The journey was slightly longer than normal because of a diversion due to road closure. Upon arrival at the port the group of 7 cars was directed to the loading bay  escorted Port Authority officers, who with the kind assistance from Manny, were to accompany the drivers for the whole return trip, smoothing the way through all formalities.


Feb 17th.

Departure at 1 a.m. for the two hour Fast Cat journey to Calapan. Upon arrival the PPA team escorted the cars to the correct road to the next ferry port at Bululacao, 192kms further on. On the way rain had started to fall and progress was moderated due to road works . Arrival at 8 30a.m. where a welcome breakfast had been kindly laid on by the PPA at their office prior to boarding for a 10 a.m. departure.

Up to this point all had been going to schedule. But prior to departure  it was found that the Fast Cat was in fact overloaded and a 1 and a half hour delay was incurred whilst a truck was offloaded.

Most of the group managed a nap on the jouney to Calapan and upon arrival were met by Kenneth who had driven up from Iloilo in his 996 and arranged a nice lunch!

The late arrival meant that the group departed fpr Iloilo at 4 30p.m. which would entail quite a lot of night driving. As always seems to be the case, nothing can be discounted when driving Classic Porsche's on long road trips! . Manny's '73 Targa started experiencing  intermittent loss of power, but after a while the problem cleared itself. Not so with Noy's '69 912 Targa. Some time after it got dark, and in the middle of nowhere, the generator failed and then later the coil. Luckily TJ had brought a spare coil of the same type with him and Randy was able to exchange one of the batteries on his '73T for Noy's to keep him running.

Eventually the group arrived at Eugene's hotel in Iloilo at 11 p.m. , 26 hours after leaving Manila!, and after a late meal and a few beers most were exhausted and asleep by 1 a.m.!


Feb 18th.

By 9 a.m. most of the group were at breakfast and afterwards off to the carwash to rinse away 550kms wirth of road grime before attending the afternoon photo shoot, and Noy's car had been dispatched to John's shop to have the generator fixed.

Lunch was a little delayed as the guys coming across from Cebu had to rearrange their travel plans due to ferry cancellations the previous evening. Upon their arrival it was great to see such a varied selection of aircooled cars ranging through all types from 356's to 993's. Also John's beautiful 914 was much admired.

17 cars in convoy then proceeded to the  excellent Totoy seafood restaurant, where the participants were treated to very fresh fish and oysters as well as other speciality dishes. 

With the time past 4 o'clock the group headed out to Nelly's Garden, where, in the grounds of the grand house, built in 1928, the cars were arranged on the lawn in chronological order for the photo shoot in the picturesque surroundings. A drone was also used to capture stunning aerial shots of the fine cars present.
As the sun set, participants returned to the hotel to freshen up for the evening dinner before the drive out to the excellent Muelle's Restaurant beside the Iloilo river.Apart from the great venue and food, an unexpected firework display lit up the sky during the meal. 

Speeches and presentations followed with Chris presenting awards to Toto , Gaby and Tony in recognition of being founding members of the Porsche Club Philippines.

Toto then addressed the gathering as 'The Porsche Gentlemen of the Philippines', and looked back at the club history since it's inception in 1991, and the invitation to the next Porsche Classics Gathering 2018 in Clark to be hosted to the Manila group. A unanammous vote of thanks was given to the organisers of the event from both Cebu and Iloilo for such an enjoyable meeting.

It was then back to the hotel for farewell drinks as the Cebu group had to leave early in the morning for their ferry home.


Feb 19th.

After breakfast the group checked out of the hotel to fuel up for the drive back to Caticalan, escorted by John. Just prior to departure TJ found that he had a slow leak from one of his tires. So whilst the rest of the group went off to buy pasalubong John found a repair shop to do the vulcanising. The following drive got the group to the port at 5 30p.m. 

As Noy's car was still having electrical problems, and the schedule would have meant a night drive across Mindoro, it was decided to leave the cars at the Caticlan port and overnight in Boracay. John kindly organised some rooms at a good rate and and the group was rebooked on the 9 a.m. RoRo next morning direct to Batangas .

Having settled in to the hotel's and had thirst quenching beer, there was a difference of opinion within the group about a dinner venue. So in the end Noy led half the group to a hamberger joint whilst John and the rest found their way to an excellent Indian restaurant overlooking the beach!, where both groups met up for a final few drinks before heading back to sleep!

Feb 20th.

Wake up call at 5 15a.m. for a quick breakfast before catching a trike to the banca back to Caticalan.

All cars were loaded on the 2GO ferry by 0830a.m. and the boat sailed 15miutes later.

After a short stopover at Romblon arrival in Batangas was at 6 p.m.

After offloading the group drove in formation around Noy who had no lights to enable him to get his car safely back Manila.

Total road kms.:940.


A great vote of thanks to all those who made this trip so enjoyable. The PPA personel that smoothed the way through the ports, The guys in Iloilo and Cebu for the organisation and hotel. And also last but not least to our Manila 'leader' Noy for organising the trip for the Manila contingent .

I'm sure that we are all looking forward to PCG '18 when those of us in Manila can welcome ' The Porsche Gentlemen of the Philippines' from the South up to Clark!


Manila Participants:                     'Shotgun'


Noy       '67 Targa                               Jeff

TJ          '79SC                                   Dan

Tony      '93 964                                 Toto

Manny   '73T Targa                            Eric

Randy    '73T                                      Bon

Jappy     '77S                                        -

Mike       '97 993S                                 -